Who we are

Claudia Heinermann (born 1967 in Iserlohn/Germany) studied Fine Arts at the Fine Arts academy in Enschede/NL. From 2004 -2007 she continued her education in documentary photography at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Today she is a freelance photographer living in Delft/NL. She is dedicated primarily to long-term documentary projects and contemporary historical issues as well as genocide and the consequences of war. She has worked as a photographer on long-term projects in countries such as Bosnia, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, Germany  and Rwanda. Claudia has published four photo books so far and has contributed to numerous publications both in The Netherlands and abroad. Her works have been acquired by various Collections and shown in several museums like: Kamp Westerbork, Kamp Vught, Liberty Park/NL, Holocaust Museum Mechelen/Belgium, Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin as well as in galleries and photo festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Georgia, Kaliningrad and Germanny. In November 2015 she published her prize winning  photo book ‘Wolfskinder A Post-War Story’. www.claudiaheinermann.nl

Sybren Kuiper (b. 1961) graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in graphic design in 1993. Sybren is specialized in designing photo books and theatre posters. About how it all starts he says: ‘Because I liked doing it I, designed the first photo books by Cuny Janssen for free. I did that so people would see my work and it would get visible. After that it ran itself. And yes, it is special. You are somehow an incubator nurse that takes care of the photographers who most of the time make very personal and vulnerable work. But because they are so close to their project they find it sometimes hard to tell a clear story. The job of the designer is to find out the essence of the story and to tell it so well that it makes the photographer enthusiastic.’ His award-winning work is internationally renowned and considered among the best in his trade including Mist by Niels Stomps (Kees Scherer Award 2009), Utilité by Ellen Korth (Silver Medal by Stiftung Buchkunst), Gommorah Girl by Valerio Spada (Photo Book Now Award, New York as well as Bronze Medal by Stiftung Buchkunst). www.syb-photobooks.com